6th National Health Research Conference 2024
22 - 25 October 2024
8 Speakers
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Who we are

The National Health Research and Innovation Department (NHRID) is a unit  under the Ministry of Health.

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What we do

Our mandate is to strengthen the national health research system, support skills and knowledge transfer, and to motivate the health sector to value and use research as a critical element in providing information and guidance for policy formulation, planning, resource allocation and intervention

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Why this conference?

  1. To bring together experts, policy leaders, health programmers, environmentalists, economists and service providers to interrogate existing evidence and experiences on the importance of health research in improving the health system.
  2. To foster dialogue that promotes the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking among researchers, development and implementation partners, civil society, health workers and policymakers.
  3. To encourage and enhance research on health, the environment, social and policy issues related to the development of the health sector by promoting evidence-based policy-making.
  4. To serve as a platform for researchers, policymakers and the health sector to meet and have consensus on integration as an instrument to accelerate Eswatini’s inclusive and sustainable development.
  5. To enhance scientific and strategic collaborations for resource mobilization towards sustainable health financing.
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